3 New Season SS15 Neutrals Palettes To Put On Your Shopping List

L'Oreal Paris, No7 and Isadora all have pretty decent daytime offers on the go right now
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By Kirstie McDermott @frillseeker

Friday, February 6, 2015 - 10:31


ss15 neutral shadow palettes

SRSLY, naked-alike neutrals palettes are dropping at a rate of knots at the moment and with brands like Lancome (check the spring My French Innocence palette here) and YSL launching lovely high-end spends, the other end of the market is also well catered to.

With, for example, these three beauties.

ss15 neutral shadow palettes

L'Oreal Paris' La Palette Nude, €20.99, No7's Mini Eye Palette, €14.25 and Isadora's Eye Colour Bar in Nude Essentials, €17.50, are all affordable, contain at least six shadows (sure where would you be going) and are pretty much gonna see you sorted for day-to-night.

ss15 neutral shadow palettes open

If one was so inclined, one could argue that there's a case for buying all three. Read on.

The L'Oreal Paris kit, bottom, is actually way more than just neutrals, taking you right up to plummy, nighttime shades at one end, and there's a pretty stunning rose gold in the middle too, as well as all your on-the-reg browns and taupes. So, you're getting a lot for your cash.

Isadora's (top right) is the most neutral-neutral and it's the one to go for if you want a little neutral something something to pad out your collection; but to be honest the shades are all quite samey. I'd be inclined to wait until later in spring when the much more interesting Smokey Mauves eye colour bar will launch - see swatches of that here.

No7's (top left) version is the one I find I've been using the most; particularly for really quick morning makeup. The pale cream and taupes are good as an overall wash and the darker shades nice for blending into the crease.

It's a bit powdery, not the most super-pigmented product you'll ever find but it has a MASSIVE mirror in the lid and it's a great makeup bag/desk drawer palette as a result. I just prime lids, tap off the excess off my brush and I'm finding it a-okay, actually. Not a bad pick at all, at all.

So BBZ, swatches.

And swatches. L'Oreal Paris has the biggest shade variety; No7 varying pigment intensity and Isadora the creamiest-lookin' swatches.

So, which one would you go for?

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Shannairl said...

I do like that No.7 one a lot, love the paler colours in it.

At 7.54pm on February 6, 2015
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