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Beyonce's Wearing 'em; But is it Enough to Make Flash Tattoos Cool?

Yup, these stick-on body decals are all a bit Bazooka chewing gum temporary tattoo, that's fo' sho
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By Kirstie McDermott @frillseeker

Monday, September 22, 2014 - 08:00


beyonce wearing flash tatts

If you've seen a pap shot of Beyonce recently, you might have noticed that she's taken to adorning herself with gold leaf. Possibly as a distraction tactic from her second alleged pillow insertion pregnancy, or perhaps to get us off the by now super-boring topic of her "Marriage In Crisis." 

beyonce wearing flash tattoos

Whatevs, I'm not sure it's working, because while you might be forgiven for thinking that it's the result of allowing Blue Ivy loose with a set of expensive markers for A-list toddlers, what Beyonce's rockin' is actually Flash Tattoos, adhesive metallic skin adornments us mere mortals can get on board with too. But. yannow, they might not look quite as nice on the Cote D'Ublin as they do on the Cote D'Azure. Though you can live in hope.

flash tattoos

Sticker sheets come with a few different designs included for around $22 a pop - you'll pay extra for shipping - which are apparently easy to apply, last a few days and'll come back off again with something like baby oil.

Only question now is, wouldya?

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Kirstie McDermott

Kirstie is Frillseeker's founder and editor-in-chief. This is her second foray into the web-world: she founded in 2006 before stepping down in 2012 and has held a large number of positions over the past number of years including acting beauty editor at Image magazine and beauty ed at the Sunday Tribune, Irish Examiner and Confetti. She's currently the deputy editor at STELLAR magazine.



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Lisa Carey said...

Urgh, nooooooo. They look like someone's been scribbling on her with metallic markers.

At 10.31am on September 22, 2014
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Kirstie McDermott said...

ahhaa, so you love 'em?
At 9.08pm on September 22, 2014
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Jocelyn said...


At 9.33pm on September 24, 2014
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