Compact Foundations Are Having a Moment: Say Hello to Chanel Vitalumiere Compact Douceur

A powder foundation that promises a creamy texture and subtle finish? That's what Chanel is offering with its new Chanel Vitalumiere Compact Douceur
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By Kirstie McDermott @frillseeker

Tuesday, September 10, 2013 - 14:30


Model Karen Fitzpatrick wearing Chanel Vitalumiere Compact Douceur

Model Karen Fitzpatrick showcases the new Chanel Vitalumiere Compact Douceur

Once the unloved elder sister of makeup, compact foundations are in the middle of a bit of a makeover. Nars and Giorgio Armani both have a new-gen take on one each hitting the market and Chanel's not far behind with Chanel Vitalumiere Compact Douceur, a powder foundation which'll land on counters on October 18th.


As part of the dewy, glow-giving Vitalumiere franchise, the idea is that this product is hydrating and luminising, two things you can't generally say about pressed powder, being often moisture-sucking and texture-heavy.

Attention was paid during the production process, in the emulsification of ingredients and heat treating at a low temperature before finely milling the powder into the compact. That results, apparently, in a process Chanel says is not unlike the dedication required to make macarons. 

Chanel Vitalumiere Compact Douceur closed

Chanel Vitalumiere Compact Douceur compacts

It also means that this isn't necessarily a product you should shy away from if you're dry or mature complexioned.

Christine Lucignano applying makeup to Karen Fitzpatrick

While it's designed for use as a solo base product or to set liquid makeup, artist Christine Lucignano advises that if you're dry skinned, go up a shade from your normal colour and apply sparingly with a brush as opposed to the sponge the compact includes. 

That way, you'll get the result the powder offers plus some coverage - and with an SPF10, this does offer some sun protection too. Built-in hydrators in the form of peach extract, water and the whipping process which results in a creamy finish which is then sifted, means this feels comfortable on skin.

In six shades, Chanel Vitalumiere Compact Douceur​ will cost €52; refills will be €39.50.​ Will you be checking it out?

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