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Creme de la Mer Illuminating Eye Gel Is a January Launch

For your eyes only: this new peeper product is a bit of a treat
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By Kirstie McDermott @frillseeker

Tuesday, December 9, 2014 - 12:23


creme de la mer the illuminating eye gel

You can even use this skincare beaut as a shadow primer

It's soft, it's gel-like; it's so gentle you can use it all over the eye contour - yup, even the lid. That's what Creme de la Mer is promising about its January-launching The Illuminating Eye Gel, €125.

There's silicone slip here which means that you can even use this skincare beaut as a shadow primer too - oh, okay, the most expensive one you've ever tried, I'll grant you - but it's a charming idea. Generally we're advised to only apply eye products around the eye contour and socket itself and go no further; that advice is blasted out the window with this, so it's pretty much eyes on the prize. Use it where you want.

Designed, essentially, to tackle dehydration - which is basically what gives you wrinkles in this area - the idea is you'd start to use this product, well, now. It's got the Miracle Broth, a cooling action which feels lovely and like a lot of eye products, some optical effects which'll help with cosmetically brightening darker skin in this area.

So, one for you if you've got a fat pocket, are concerned about early-onset lines in this area - they can often be the tell-tale sign at around 30 that you need to amp up your routine - or you're a La Mer completist.

Roll on January. 

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