The Endless Hunt to Find a New Shower Curtain Might be Over

This isn't as manky as it sounds but I've had the same shower curtain for eight years. Bear with me, peeps
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By Kirstie McDermott @frillseeker

Saturday, May 25, 2013 - 18:23


Ferm Living Shower Curtain

In possibly one of the biggest first world whines ever, in my experience it is exceptionally difficult to find nice shower curtains.  They're either all quite bland or crazy-cray-cray wacky funster hilarious and I don't want a) a map of the Tube or a pretendy Psycho shower scene or something from Argos or a white waffle one so I've been stuck with my clear one with red circles on it for years.

Yes, I wash it! I'm not a skank. Much.

But in the continuing "I'll just have everything with a triangle on it, please," homewears obsession, this one from Ferm Living is right at the top of my wishlist. It's €71.50 and then more on top for shipping from Scandiland. That seems like rather a lot, doesn't it.

So someone will have to shopping-enable me. Get to that in the comments. Thanks!

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