The Friday Frippery: Charlotte Tilbury Colour Chameleon in Black Pearl is a Gem

This eye-popping cream crayon from one of our new fave brands is really impressing Emma
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By Emma Henderson @fluffyblog

Friday, September 19, 2014 - 12:03


Charlotte Tilbury colour chameleon in black pearl

this works to bring out the colour of my eyes

I’ve got to the ripe old age of mumble-mumble without paying a blind bit of notice to cosmetic colour rules. I just buy and wear the shades I like (which is, ooh, pretty much all of ‘em), but the Charlotte Tilbury Colour Chameleon pencils have got me rethinking the wisdom of that strategy. 

Designed to enhance your natural eye colour, these cream eyeshadow crayons are marked for hazel, green, blue or brown eyes – and labelled Day, or Night, depending on the intensity of the shade. 

And boy, are these intense: the colours are rich, multi-tonal and basically, sex on a stick (if you fancy random items of makeup which, apparently, I do. No judging!). 

I have Dark Pearl, the daytime shade for brown eyes, and a delicious, purple-toned taupe. The first thing I noticed when I scribbled it on? I have a ring around my iris that’s almost the exact shame shade. Who knew?! 

Charlotte Tilbury colour chameleon in black pearlSo yes, this works to bring out the colour of my eyes – and it was commented on and complimented by every single person I met while I was wearing it, except for my husband and (male) boss. Go figure. 

Note, though, that this isn’t the product for a really precise or graphic eye: it’s all about a sexy, smudgy, lived-in look. I like to ring my eyes with it, taking the colour up to my crease, and then smudging it out with my fingers or MAC 217 brush. You don’t have long till it sets, so do one eye at a time. On me, it lasts all day solo; on a friend, a primer is required. 

Charlotte Tilbury colour chameleon in black pearl

At €25 a pop, they ain’t cheap - but they’re the most accessibly priced piece from the Charlotte Tilbury line (see what else Kirstie recommends here). I’m buying Amber Haze next, the night-time shade for my eye colour, but I can’t just stop at two. I reckon I’ll plunder the colours for hazel eyes, next. 

Have you tried these? Thoughts? 

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Emma Henderson

Emma is the creator of Fluff and Fripperies, a leading Irish beauty blog which won Best Irish Beauty/Fashion Blog in the Blog Awards Ireland 2012 and was shortlisted as Best International Fashion Blog in the Cosmopolitan Blog Awards 2013. She works in communications and is obsesssed with social media and blogging. She has contributed to Image Daily,, She Said Beauty, U Magazine and Xpose Magazine and has a regular beauty column with Metro Herald newspaper.



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Evie said...

I have Dark Pearl and love it. I really think these look different on different people/eye colours. I ordered it online from Charlotte Tilbury and it looked grey, right smack bang in my comfort zone. But when it arrived and I tried it on my blue/green eyes (rules! what rules?) it looked a golden taupe. Not a shade I'd normally go for as I tend to favour cooler tones, but I love it. I've been wearing it constantly. I'm normally rubbish with cream shadows but this one is chincy even for me. I just scribble up to the socket and blend with a RT shader brush and then add a bit underneath the eye and smudge with a Mac pencil brush and bam, instant natural sparkly smokey eye. For nighttime I add a bit of Amethyst Aphrodisiac to the crease and outer corner (they work really well together). It also works brilliantly as a liner for a pop of colour & shine. I have The Love for it big time. Strangely I have bog all interest in the shades for blue eyes, the champagne is too wishy washy and the black is apparently the dud of the in patchy application. I will definitely be picking up more of these. D'ye hear that Santa??

At 8.27am on September 20, 2014
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Jocelyn said...

Emma that is GORGEOUS. The daytime one for blue eyes, Champagne Diamonds is a lovely gold colour I must have a look at. I love the idea of doing my eye makeup with one product!

At 1.18pm on September 20, 2014
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Betty12 said...

Can't wait to try some. The pencils look so handy.
Decisions decsions on colours though!!! argh!

At 10.28am on September 24, 2014
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