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I Wouldn't Wear These Julian Hakes Mojito Shoes But Kat Von D Does

Surprise! If you too want to look like your feet are encased in some coils of stuff, read on
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By Kirstie McDermott @frillseeker

Friday, June 14, 2013 - 10:52


Julian Hakes Mojito Shoe

Yeah, that's a shoe.

No, I wouldn't wear it.

Kat Von D julian hakes shoes

Kerazee ole Kat Von D does though, a lot. She seems to have a few pairs of these Julian Hakes Mojito (ok, is it me or does anyone else pronounce this, to themselves, mo-jee-toe?) shoes on the go and parades about in them often.

Kat von d julian hakes shoes

Yeah. Not feeling it.

In their defense, the shoes are designed by Hakes, an architect, who transitioned from buildings to brogues and wanted to challenge existing footwear preconceptions. There is apparently no sacrafice in support and comfort and that's great - I just think they're pretty ugly.

However, if you don't, then you can bag a pair for €200 on the Schuh website and good luck to you, madam.

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Kirstie McDermott

Kirstie is Frillseeker's founder and editor-in-chief. This is her second foray into the web-world: she founded in 2006 before stepping down in 2012 and has held a large number of positions over the past number of years including acting beauty editor at Image magazine and beauty ed at the Sunday Tribune, Irish Examiner and Confetti. She's currently the deputy editor at STELLAR magazine.



What Katie Healy Did's picture

What Katie Healy Did said...

I just feel the arch of you foot would be filthy after wearing them. That and the look repugnant.

At 11.18am on June 14, 2013
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Kirstie McDermott's picture

Kirstie McDermott said...

HAHA, just burst out laughing
At 11.23am on June 14, 2013
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Shannairl's picture

Shannairl said...

They're like a weird slinky/corkscrew hybrid. Also have visions of dirty paws or feet being cut to ribbons!

At 11.29am on June 14, 2013
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FitznBitz's picture

FitznBitz said...

Love Kat Von D. I think she considers her footwear to be pieces of art rather than......well... just shoes. She wears some crazy pairs. IMAGINE the looks you'd get (trying) to walk down the street in these!

At 1.03pm on June 14, 2013
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Princesswatshername's picture

Princesswatshername said...

I kinda like the shoes, I don't think I believe the not compromising on support thing though... I also kinda feel like any foot fat would be really obvious in these (I have really wide, really weird feet...don't ask!)

At 7.30am on June 15, 2013
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Mandysne said...

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At 10.49am on August 8, 2013
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Jocelyn's picture

Jocelyn said...

What. The. Hell.

At 6.21pm on February 10, 2014
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