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Lush Santa Baby Balm & Santa's Lip Scrub Contain a Heaping Load of Surprises

Cola-scented, edible heart-packed and full of pigment for a proper kissable pout, these two are well worth a look
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By Kirstie McDermott @frillseeker

Saturday, October 26, 2013 - 12:05


Lush Santa's Scrub and Santa Baby lip tint

I'm often pretty underwhelmed by Lush, but the Christmas gifting this year is great and these two little buys are whoppers too. Fun, but on-point, they'd make a lovely stocking filler and while the scrub's probably the least useful out of the pair, the balm is a budget buy that's multifunctional and useful. Read on!

Lush Santa's lip scrub

Fizzy cola bottle-flavoured, this contains edible heart-shaped pieces along with a caster sugar mix to condition lips. The hearts are a cute addition that's a bit frivolous and slightly pointless, true, but fun.

Lush Santa Baby lip balm

Lush Santa Baby lip balm swatch

Santa Baby lip balm is the one I went "ooh" for. Look at the payoff on a swatch: not bad, eh? Both are £5.99 - the euro equivalent is, I think, in and around €8 a pop. My money's on Santa Baby. Yours?

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Kirstie McDermott

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