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Maybelline Dream Flawless Foundation: A Dupe For YSL Fusion Ink?

A budget water base that's a result of the L'Oreal group's cosmetic cascade
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By Kirstie McDermott @frillseeker

Tuesday, January 27, 2015 - 08:00


In the US it's Dream Wonder foundation, but here we're calling it Dream Flawless Nude. Whatever the name, it's the same stuff, and thanks to the L'Oreal Group's cosmetic cascade, it's your way of getting the results of a high-end water base for €12.99.

Not. Bad.

Maybelline Dream Flawless Nude

While L'Oreal Paris' Nude Magique Eau de Teint is the cheaper version of Giorgio Armani's Maestro, this is pretty specifically the budget version of YSL's Fusion Ink foundation.You'll find it in a nicely shaped glass bottle that houses 20ml of product. Shake before opening!

Maybelline Dream Flawless Nude

See, even does the little wandy dropper thing 'n' all in anyways.

Texture-wise, it's very similar to the other water bases you might have tried and while you'll likely find that texture match for a higher-end spend, you might not find a shade suitable; this'll only come in about six. 

Maybelline Dream Flawless Nude swatch

This here's Cameo 20; it pulls pretty yellow in a swatch, but what I keep finding with lighter wear bases is that I can get away with a bit more yellow than I'd normally go for, because they're so light-feeling and looking on the skin, so it still looks natural. 

This wears very similarly to Fusion Ink; it doesn't quite have the same depth of pigmentation as Nude Magique Eau de Teint (which I love) or as much wear time. So it does really look and feel very like the YSL version, which I found to be sort of like a half strength version of that.

That means it's very good if you want a really really nude; barely there finish, but I find what I do actually love about water bases is (work with me here because a lot of coverage is generally the opposite of what I want from my foundation) is the fact you can have a lot of invisible pigmentation and therefore airbrush your my ancient self. 

Go figure.

So lookit. Worth a look in for good skin days, when you want light and little on your skin and for those with, I'd say ideally, normal to normal-ish (on either side of that) skintypes. Also great too, if you love Fusion Ink and can find a comparable shade in this product.

One you'll check out? It's rolling out into Boots and pharmacies now.

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Kirstie McDermott

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