September Girls: Carol Mahon is Stocking up on Vinyl & Saving For Fashion From Oz

Specialising in dainty line drawings of pretty, fashionable girls, Carol Mahon also knows a thing or two about playful dressing, tunes and getting crafty
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Friday, September 27, 2013 - 11:34


September Girls - Carol Mahon

Carol Mahon is a Dublin-based illustrator. Check out her work here.

1. Uniform Studios

I recently discovered this Sydney-based label and have been lusting after it ever since. With a mission to re-invent everyday wear, they create beautiful, simple and seamless pieces that would transition nicely into my wardrobe. With a focus on materials like leather, silk and jersey, their clothing is to die for. Particularly in love with this leather pinafore. Gotta keep saving those pennies!

2. Oh The Lovely Things

I check this blog religiously. A mix of style, art and design inspiration, they also feature seasonal recipes and have one of the best DIY/craft sections around. So much so that I've found myself cutting, sticking and pasting fiddly bits of paper together in an attempt to recreate contraptions like gem piñatas that, let's face it, serve little function. They are pretty to look at!

3. Reading

I'm quite the bookworm and considering I'm an art lover too, this one definitely doesn't disappoint. Almost like having your own spy into the art world, Sarah Thornton's book offers a fascinating and witty insight into a simultaneously cutthroat and curious industry, told from several perspectives. Definitely a page turner!

4. Vinyl

I recently picked up an amazing little record player in the R.A.G.E on Fade Street and I'm finding myself returning there regularly to gradually build up my own record collection. They've got a dedicated vinyl room downstairs that spans everything from punk to jazz to new Irish bands. It’s also a nice little hideaway from the hustle and bustle.

5. Exhibitions

Heads up all the fashion lovers in the audience. Scribble October 11th in your diary as the date the Chester Beatty Library will open an exhibition featuring the Journal magazine’s beautiful and unique fashion illustrations nearly 100 hundred years since their original publication. I will definitely be in attendance.

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