We're Making Our Interior Intentions For Winter With 5 Wrap Up Warm Buys

So, last weekend it happened. We all went to bed on Saturday night and by Sunday morning, it was winter. Yay says me, because autumn/winter homewares are amazing this year
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By Dara Flynn @darafly

Friday, September 20, 2013 - 14:30


5 winter buys for interiors

I find winter clothing FAR better than over-enthusiastic, shouty summery gear, and it’s the very same for stuff for the gaff. If it features any type of knitting (God I lurve knitted things), is slouchy or whispers ‘touch me! I’m furry!’ I’ll take it.

Wrap up warm: here’s the winter wish list.

  1. I ain’t mad at this mug with its little knitted jacket. A cup of cosiness, with a matching cosy for the teapot. What’s not to like? This is €7.90 at Hardly Normals. I know, I was surprised too.
  2. Yes, it is what you think it is. That right there, people, is a cow hide rug with a Persian design printed on it. Oh. My. God. It’s by Young & Battaglia for The French Bedroom Company and costs an ouchy €815, but a gang of us could all chip in and share custody.
  3. Soul Lifestyle, the Scandinavian furniture brand, has just opened a concession in Arnotts furniture department. Brand new furniture frills for winter include the Golem sofa. Stylin’, chic, comfy – certainly good enough for box set cuddling and hot chocolate sipping.
  4. Quite fond of this leggy-looking draught excluder with its tasteful colour combo stripe. €57 at Fairwind,
  5. This lovely blanket isn’t in stores yet, but soon as it gets there, it’s coming home with me. It’s from Debenhams and remains price-less for now, but expect it to be near the €200 mark.  Could this be the Chesterfield of bedspreads?

What are you craving for cuddles?

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