Shonen Knife
In between all the Bing and Motown, there's erm, Mark E Smith ranting about protein Christmasses and Gryff Rhys muttering about post-apocalyptic festivities
Skylar Photobooth Masks from Monki
Reckon photobooth selfies are played out? Betcha you'll think again when you check these out
cara delevingne CJD tattoo
The weird world of celebrity ink is a very odd place indeed

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Further Frills

Chanel iPhone perfume bottle cover
Look at it! LOOK. AT. IT. Shaped like a bottle of No5, you can attach...
By Kirstie McDermott on 11/03/2014
Rebecca Minkoff friends with Benefits headphones
She's just long-hauled herself transatlantic stylee so is ably...
By Rosemary Mac Cabe on 06/03/2014
San Souci bow hooks
Squee! Imagine how nice they'd be on your walls? And no, you...
By Kirstie McDermott on 28/02/2014
white avignon table from Debenhams
Well it is. It's very very lovely indeed and I'll admit I...
By Kirstie McDermott on 27/02/2014
soho asymetric chest of drawers
Fix Up Look Smart: Bright furniture pieces, acid-toned textiles and...
By Kirstie McDermott on 15/02/2014
cake cafe cushions
Graphic cushions, tea towels and table runners in hot hues are all in...
By Kirstie McDermott on 09/02/2014
weekend bag contents
Me? Erm ... not very much if I'm honest. And even if I did cart...
By Kirstie McDermott on 06/02/2014
Biba Teapot from House of Fraser
Baby, it's wet, blustery, cold, floody and utterly horrible...
By Kirstie McDermott on 06/02/2014
Tiger iPhone on-the-go charger
If you haven't yet succumbed to the charms of this barg-tastic...
By Kirstie McDermott on 27/01/2014
3d My Little Pony phone cover
Give up yer old classy, slimline phone covers ladies and let your...
By Kirstie McDermott on 23/01/2014