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anya hindmarch aw2015
Dust off your funbags ladies! There's life in 'em yet
bags and accessories by Mayra Fedane, LFW aw15
Emerging bag, shoe and jewellery brands for next season: because we all need some new stuff to covet every now and then, huh?
cross town style, @shitandfashion
It's -10, snowing and absolutely baltic. So what are fashionistas wearing to fashion week then? We're finding out

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Fendi shoes ss15
Paris is yet to come, and already the shoes for spring are kicking it...
By Kirstie McDermott on 23/09/2014
black ankle boots for aw14
30 pairs of black ankle boots from under €100 to €1000, across heel...
By Kirstie McDermott on 22/09/2014
beyonce wearing flash tatts
Yup, these stick-on body decals are all a bit Bazooka chewing gum...
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moschino, milan fashion week ss15
Bit of a Barbie Girl? You'll love Jeremy Scott's vision for...
By Kirstie McDermott on 19/09/2014
holly fulton for radley
Honestly, I don't think I could have been more surprised
By Kirstie McDermott on 19/09/2014
omg michael kors
She's surprising herself with five purse picks across lines she...
By Rosemary Mac Cabe on 18/09/2014
girls at fashion week
From those weird tissues in models' hair to what happens...
By Kirstie McDermott on 18/09/2014
alexa chung holding a shrimps clutch
When you see Alexa Chung toting a clutch from this newly minted faux...
By Kirstie McDermott on 17/09/2014
sophie hulme soft flap bag
Almost a year old, this has proved to be a really good purchase, and...
By Kirstie McDermott on 16/09/2014
bag and necklace at Oasis for AW14
There's quite a lot of colour on offer at Oasis this AW14, to...
By Kirstie McDermott on 15/09/2014